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AEG’s built-in BPS551220M is the ideal fan oven for cooks and bakers of all levels. It features three shelves, a 71 litre net capacity and multiple functions to suit all your culinary needs. Whether you’re looking to cook the perfect roast or bake delicious cakes – the possibilities are endless with this fantastically innovative oven.

The Ultimate Oven

You’ll find a range of functions on this AEG oven, including: True Fan Cooking, Pizza Setting, Moist Fan Baking and Turbo Grilling. There are also cooking accessories such as a dripping pan, trivet and two wire shelves. Use the BPS551220M to cook to your heart’s content, from sweet treats and pastries to pizzas and joints of meat. 

The BPS551220M is not only stylish with its black stainless steel finish, but is also efficient with a high A+ energy rating.

AEG SteamBake

In addition to standard oven functions, AEG’s BPS551220M features the unique PlusSteam button. This adds steam at the beginning of the baking process, so food remains soft in the centre while crisp on the outside. No matter what you’re preparing, from fresh bread to roast chicken, you’ll always achieve even cooking with beautiful, golden finishes.

Pyrolytic Cleaning Function

Cleaning your oven just got easier with AEG’s one-touch pyrolytic cleaning function. Thanks to the BPS551220M’s advanced design, grease and food residue convert into ash, which can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. Save yourself the time and effort of cleaning the oven after every use.

This AEG model even comes with additional easy-clean features, such as enamel linings and a removable door.

LCD Screen

On the BPS551220M, you’ll find an advanced hexagon timer display, which lets you maintain control of your cooking. The LCD screen is easy to navigate, and allows you to enter start/stop cooking times for high accuracy every time. Step away from the kitchen and relax while your food reaches perfection – without the worry of overcooking or burning. 

Offering a wide range of impressive features, the AEG BPS551220M is the perfect oven for cooks and bakers of all levels. Add one to your basket today.