Hoover HL500PT HL5 Push & Lift Anti-Twist Pets Vacuum - Blue

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Practicality and functionality blend perfectly with a stylish design in this bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Hoover. Offering versatile cleaning, the HL500PT will help keep your floors spotless as well as pet hair at bay.


Cleaning Performance

Hoover has equipped this upright vacuum with high performance and control to pick up dust and debris with no loss of suction. The HL500PT has plenty of power to get the job done.


This model features Anti-Twist technology. An integrated comb prevents hair from wrapping around the brushbar. Specially developed bristles clean deeply on all floors and the robust comb actively untangles hairs and pet hairs while cleaning.


Hoover has also included PUSH & LIFT. Step on the foot pedal to push and lift the cleaner into a versatile and portable vacuum for all your above-floor cleaning needs. Suitable for stairs, sofas, and even in the car.


The HL500PT makes vacuuming more convenient, thanks to its design. It has a long 8m cord, which gives you plenty of cleaning reach and flexibility. A long cord means less swapping between sockets, so you can finish the job sooner.


Spotted pet hair on the sofa? Cobwebs on the ceiling? They’re well within your reach thanks to the 2m stretch hose. Simply attach the handy crevice tool and pet turbo brush, and you’re good to go. The powerful pet turbo brush is great at picking up the fluffy deposits from your pets, providing a deep and thorough clean.


Bagless Cleaning

Bagless vacuum cleaners are fantastically convenient. Everything they gather up is stored inside an internal compartment that you simply empty into the bin. This does away with the hassle of removing and attaching bags, helping to keep everything clean and tidy.


The cleaner has an impressive 2.5-litre dust capacity which lets you clean for longer before emptying in the bin. The hygienic dust disposal system has been designed to let you quickly empty the cleaner, without having to come into contact with any dust. Simply remove the canister from the cleaner and press the release button over a dustbin.


The Hoover HL500PT doesn’t just perform brilliantly – it looks great too. The grey, blue, and yellow finish helps it look stylish and high-tech, great for people who love appliances with a modern look. Weighing just 6.4kg, it is easy to manoeuvre around your home.


If you’re after a vacuum cleaner that performs well, is convenient to use, and looks great, try the Hoover HL500PT today.


Product Type Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Colour Blue
Pet Hair Cleaning Yes
Dust Capacity 2.5L
Height 115.0cm
Width 29.0cm
Depth 35.0cm
Floor Type Carpet
Cordless No
Attachments Crevice nozzle
Pets Turbo Brush
Brand Name Hoover
Manufacturer Hoover Candy Group
Weight (Approximate) 6.4kg
Filter Type HEPA 13
Dust Collection Bagless
Shipping Height 72.0cm
Shipping Width 33.0cm
Shipping Depth 30.0cm
Number of Powerlevels 2
Additional Information Plastic free packaging - fully recyclable
Package Contents Upright Vacuum, Crevice Tool & Pet Turbo Brush
Hoselength 2m